Field Craft is a growing area of Air Cadet training and involves developing awareness of the tactical skills necessary to operate stealthily and the methods used to do so (which can differ during day or night and due to weather or terrain).

Field Craft is regularly practiced starting with the teaching of how to use a compass and read a map as well as the skills needed in the field. Training is delivered in 3 phases:-

  • Phase 1 is taught and practiced at Squadron level.
  • Phase 2 & 3 is undertaken at Wing level.

Military skills exercises encompass: include camouflage, land and water navigation, understanding the difference between concealment from view and cover from small arms’ fire, using the terrain and its features to mask ground movement, obstacle crossing, selecting good firing positions, lying up positions, camping positions, effective observation, camouflage penetration, counter surveillance, survival, evasion, and escape techniques.

Good Field Craft is especially important for the effectiveness and survival of military personnel and cadets will start by learning the basics of personal camouflage and how to move as an individual in the field, then go on to learn how to work together as a small section in the field; possibly progressing to command their own section.

Field Craft is taught throughout the year as well as during annual camp and in far greater depth though mediums like the Junior Leaders Course. Working as a team to patrol an area at night and deal with a mock ambush or special exercise is one of the most exciting exercises that you’ll experience during your Cadet training. Teamwork and communication are both skills developed in Field Craft exercises that are readily transferable to everyday life.

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