Cadet Leadership Course

Taking over parts of Nesscliff in Shropshire for weeks at Easter and CTC Frimley Park for three consecutive weeks each July, the Cadet Leadership Course is renowned throughout the cadet movement for being a tough no-nonsense, action-packed and challenging course.  It is aimed at all suitably-qualified cadets over 16, excited at the prospect of a week of arduous physical and mental challenges. These normally include leadership exercises, assault courses, a march and shoot, daytime/night exercises, orienteering, tactical navigation, water-based exercises, fieldcraft and a log race. There are also inter-section sports, including volleyball, tug-of-war, boat race, obstacle course and air rifle shoots.

Courses usually include representatives from all 3 of the service cadet groups and instructors are drawn in from across the services.

The Cadet Leadership Course is designed to develop cadets’ initiative and self-reliance by using the challenging and physically demanding problems of practical leadership.  The successful candidates will receive a course report and certificate.

It is open to any physically fit male or female who is between 16 and 18yrs 9 months on the day the course starts and is a member of one of the UK cadet forces.

To attend – Cadets must have passed their Leading Cadet examination. They must also be able to meet the minimum fitness requirements below:

  • Male: 30 push-ups (hand/foot version) followed by a 1½ mile run in under 11½ minutes.
  • Female: 15 push-ups (hand/knee version) followed by a 1½ mile run in under 14 minutes.

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