Civilian Committee

Civilian Committees are a feature of and determine the running of the Air Cadet Organisation from squadron level through to representation on the Air Defence Council.

Every Squadron Commander has a civilian committee, to help organise and maintain the direction of the Squadron. The committee is normally made up of 5 or more local people who meet regularly and take responsibility for a number of key duties, including:

  • providing support to the Squadron Commander to increase the effectiveness of the squadron and consider recommendations to make in relation to additional activities.
  • providing assistance to the Wing Commanding Officer in finding a suitable person to command the squadron when a replacement is required and similarly to assist the Squadron Commander in finding suitable adult staff to support all activities.
  • establishing and maintaining good relationships between the squadron
    and all elements of the local community with the object of obtaining maximum support.
  • support efforts to obtain good press, radio and television publicity.
  • raising funds for Squadron activities.
  • controlling the Squadron finances.
  • obtaining and administrating Squadron accommodation.
  • assisting the Squadron Commander with administration of the unit
    premises and furnishings.
  • providing advice and practical assistance with any cadet welfare issues.

The key officers of the Committee are the Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, who are appointed by members of the committee for the term of one year. The Squadron Commander and Squadron Chaplain are ex officio members of the Committee.

The Honorary Treasurer plays a key role in being regarded as their facilitator for the receipt, custody, and disbursement of funds, under the direction of the Committee.

Fundraising is a very important aspect of our committee’s work, which helps to sustain and support many of our activities. Most camps and other adventurous pursuits are financed through their fundraising efforts and the success of the Committee is a key factor in helping to keep the cost of air cadet membership low.

Many parents and friends also gain a great deal of enjoyment and fun out of assisting the squadron through membership of the Civilian Committee. The Committee meets according to their own timetable, usually every two-three months, under the direction of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Civilian Committee is also very pleased to accept offers of extra help – even if you can’t commit to regular or long term assistance.

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