RAFVR(T) Commissioned Officers

RAF Officers who work within the Air Cadets structure are normally members of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch) or RAFVR(T). They hold the Queen’s Commission are accorded the same priviledges as their regular counterparts and are subject to the Air Force Law.

Except where an officer has previous service, they begin as an Officer Cadet until the Officers Initial Course (OIC) at RAF Cranwell is completed; success there leads to formal commissioning as a substantive Pilot Officer.

Promotion to Flying Officer normally occurs after two years. Former regular commissioned officers usually start at Flying Officer, subject to certain conditions.

After 9 years commissioned service, or upon becoming Officer Commanding of a squadron and completing an Officers’ Senior Course (OSC), the rank of Flight Lieutenant (acting paid) is bestowed.

Squadrons are usually commanded by Flight Lieutenants, who are also found as Wing and Regional staff officers along with Squadron Leaders and Wing Commanders. Particularly large squadrons are sometimes commanded by Squadron Leaders (usually when the squadron has 100 or more cadets).

Officers within the RAF VR(T) follow the same rank structure as regular RAF officers. Officers within the RAF VR(T) are readily identified by a badge with the initials “VRT” attached to their rank slides.

ATC Senior Non Commissioned Officers (SNCO’s)

SNCOs (ATC) undertake the role of maintaining a high level of discipline within the squadron; provide instruction in certain aspects of the cadet syllabus and are the main focus of management for the squadron’s cadet NCO team.

The junior SNCO rank is Sergeant, whose immediate avenue of promotion is to Flight Sergeant. The senior NCO rank is Warrant Officer (ATC).

ATC SNCO ranks are Air Training Corps appointments as can be readily identified by a distinguishing badge with the initials “ATC” attached to their rank slides.

Civilian Instructors

Civilian Instructors (CI) are adult volunteers who are civilian non-uniformed members of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets adult staff structure, who volunteer their services for a variety of training roles within the squadron environment.

They bring to the squadron a range of knowledge and experience that they pass onto cadets as part of their training. The Squadron Chaplin is also a civilian appointment.

Civilian Committee Members

The key officers of the Committee are the Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, who are appointed by members of the committee for the term of one year. They are all volunteers. The Squadron Commander and Squadron Chaplain are ex officio members of the Committee. Local professionals, parents and friends also gain a great deal of enjoyment and fun out of assisting the squadron through membership of the Civilian Committee. The Committee meets according to their own timetable, usually every two-three months, under the direction of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Civilian Committee is also very pleased to accept offers of extra help – even if you can’t commit to regular or long term assistance.

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